Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Dracopedia Project:Introduction

The Dracopedia Project
William O'Connor
The Dracopedia Project is an ongoing work to help catalog, develop and concept all of the myriad dragons of world using my book: Dracopedia, as a template.

Because of the space limitations of the book, there was a great deal of information that had to be left out. Using the Dracopedia as a primer I plan on creating and exploring many more Dragon species.

The various posts that will follow will help to further create a comprehensive understanding of dragon-kind, their families, species and subspecies in depth. I hope that you will follow along and help add to this project with ideas of your own that will hopefully be included in future editions of the Dracopedia.

Become a part of what ImagineFX magazine calls:
"A great idea masterfully realized."

Thank you.

William O'Connor

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