Monday, June 3, 2013

Bestiary Taxonomy

As the third Dracopedia book arrives on shelves I am very excited to introduce a whole new panoply of creatures into the Dracopedia Universe with Dracopedia:Bestiary.

As some fans have noted the taxonomy (Latin Classification names) are missing from the animals in this installment.  When I started the Bestiary my intention was to create a catalogue of completely  fictional creatures that either never lived or were extinct.  The range of creatures in the Bestiary exist in the wide range of the animal kingdom from mammals to  reptiles and invertebrates, making classification prohibitively complicated, and so I elected to not include the names.

The response to the absence of taxonomy has inspired me to enlist the help of you, the artists. I hope that as you read the Bestiary you might be inspired to share some of your ideas on the Latin Binomial Names of some of the species.  This is a difficult challenge, but I know with the creativity out there you can all come up with some exciting answers.

please share your Latin names to the Dracopedia Facebook page.

For reference on naming species see:

Binomial Names
Biological Classification
Lennaean Taxonmy

Thank you!