Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mythical Beast: Enfield

by William O'Connor


The Enfield is an extremely rare animal that was once seen on the coat of arms in medieval europe consisting of the combination of a raptor and a fox.  Since the usage of the Enfield was uncommon and restricted to north western Europe it is believed that this animal had a very limited range before going extinct some time around the 16th century.

Being the size and having the range of a red fox it would be assumed that its habitat and diet was similar.  As fox hunting and encroachment by other predators would have strained an already rare animal it is assumed that this creature died out from limited resources but was still regarded highly for its agility and precise hunting skills.  Kept as pets in menageries it must have been an extremely beautiful creature.

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  1. Cool creature, but the book could use for biology about the creatures