Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dracopedia Chesley Awards

The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy artists (ASFA) has just nominated Dracopedia: The Great Dragons, for a 2013 Chesley Award for year's best interior illustration. 

This is a great honor, and hope you all will help vote for Dracopedia to Win!!



Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter Dragon Winners!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Winter Dragon Challenge.  The entries were all great and the solutions to the challenge were exciting.

I've conferred with the judges and we are happy to announce the winners!

1st place

Ashley Stewart

2nd Place

Piya Wannachaiwong


Congratulations and Great work to everyone!


©2013William O'Connor Studios/Dracopedia™

Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Dragon Entries

Thank you to everyone who entered the 
 Dracopedia Winter Dragon Challenge!

I am so impressed by the range of imagination and styles from such a great group of artists!  Please enjoy this gallery and feel free to share your constructive thoughts on the designs.

Winners will be announced shortly.


William O'Connor

 Winter Dragon Gallery
click on individual images for larger versions.  Images are in no particular order.
*All copyrights are owned by the individual artists.  Reproduction in any form is prohibited without the artists permission.


Name: Andrew Prasetya

Name: Kevin Yap
Nationality: Malaysia
Medium: Digital Painting (Photoshop), 800x1000 pixels

Wishing for Snow
Graphite and Photos

Katharina Fedelheimer 


Brandon Davis

African American

Age 17

Pencil, Pen and Colored Markers


Dominick Critelli
Photoshop & Intuos 4 - 14x11



Name: Michaela Nelson
Nationality: American
Medium: Digital painting in Photoshop
Size: 782 pixels by 1000 pixels

Piya Wannachaiwong
Digital (14.33"x11.75")

Giovanni Panìco
Digital Painting
Image: 706 x 998


 Jacob Anderson
Size: 11 in. wide 12 in. tall (at full res) 
Size submitted: 884px by 1000px 
Medium: Photoshop CS5, Cintiq 22HD 
Links: (facebook illustration page) 
Twitter: @thejakeanderson


Name: Ashley Stewart
Nationality: United States
Medium: Ink and Digital
size: 10x8


Title: Black Ice Dragon
Age: 24 
Location: Detroit, MI USA 
Medium: Digital 
Size: 9 in x 12 in 


Elizabeth Hornberger



Name: Burton Taylor
Country: USA
Size: 15 x 20 inches
Medium: Oil on illustration board
Title: Birth of the Winter Winds


Cliff Gamble (American)

Acrylic on Illustration Board



Name: Amanda H. McNally
Nationality: USA
Medium: Digital using Pencil 0.4.4b and Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet
Size of Original Work: PNG file submitted as 1000x493 pixels

 Zachary Wojnar


Winter Dragon
Candra Hope
9x12" pastel on paper


Ngianhormua Yang
Illustrator + Designer + Life Long Learner

Seth Greenwald


Link to high res:

Name: Jessica Cheng

Medium: Digital

Size: 1000pixels x563pixels



Jim Luong
actual size: 4800x2000px

Victor Maury

Name: Crescent Crown Dragon

Medium: Photoshop

Age: 21

Nationality: French


Name: Jenna Kass
Nationality: American
Medium, size: Oil, 11"x16.5"


 Mandela Zvaleko Hall



Lauren Westlake
Digital Concept - 3 " x 2 " 


John Melton
Denver Colorado, USA

Photoshop, with sketch brainstorming in sketchbook pro.

The work is 977x943 pixels in size.

Ivan Dixon
United States

Digital (625 x 1000)


Paul Marquis


Digital (photoshop)

15" x 20" 300dpi

 Name of the piece: Winter Council

Name: André Castelo

Nationality: Brazil

Medium: Digital

Size: 760x1000

Name: Doug Hoppes
Nationality: United States
Medium: Oil Painting
Size of Work: 9 x 12 oil on canvas
Link to my website:


Emily Crowley
Oil on panel, 17" x 24"
please include link to my website,


Nick Deligaris
illustrator • 3D artist • graphic designer   |

©William O'Connor Studios/Dracopedia Project/ Dracopedia™

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Dragon Art Challenge

Winter Dragon Art Challenge!

With the cold wind blowing and ice of winter forming I am starting the Winter Dragon Art Challenge.

The Challenge:  Create an original work of art that illustrates a "Winter Dragon".  Format, medium, and style are completely up to the artist, but the creature should be  dragon-like in form and exemplify arctic or winter characteristics.

The Judges:  I am greatly honored to have been able to recruit three talented personalities in the fantasy art genre to help judge the winners.  Donato Giancola (artist), Sarah Laichas (Editor of Dracopedia/Impact), and Zoe Robinson (art Director at Fantasy Flight Games.  Judges will take creativity, originality and craftsmanship into account.

Entries: All entries should be in "jpeg" format, no more than 1000 px on its longest side.  Send samples to for consideration.  professional and amateur artists will be considered.  All nationalities acceptable.  please include your name, nationality, medium and size of work, and put "Winter Dragon Challenge" in the subject field.  If you wish to have any links attached to your image please include that with your entry as well.

All entries will be posted at DracopediaProject for public viewing and judging. Artists retain all copyrights to the work, and agree to a one-time display of their image on this site unless other arrangements are made in writing. 

Due Date:  Upload files by 23:59 EST 2/24/13

Awards: First place winner will win a signed copy of both Dracopedia, and Dracopedia:The Great Dragons, by William O'Connor.  Second place will receive a signed copy of Dracopedia:The Great Dragons.

Good luck and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Dracopedia:Bestiary-Dragon Turtle Sculpture

I am very excited that as part of the up-coming Dracopedia:Bestiary Project I was able to work with the talented sculptor Christina Yoder.  Working from my concept design of the Dragon Turtle, Christina was able to produce a stunning sculpture.  Check out the linked tutorial to see how see created this work....

Dragon Turtle Sculpture