Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Dragon Art Challenge

Winter Dragon Art Challenge!

With the cold wind blowing and ice of winter forming I am starting the Winter Dragon Art Challenge.

The Challenge:  Create an original work of art that illustrates a "Winter Dragon".  Format, medium, and style are completely up to the artist, but the creature should be  dragon-like in form and exemplify arctic or winter characteristics.

The Judges:  I am greatly honored to have been able to recruit three talented personalities in the fantasy art genre to help judge the winners.  Donato Giancola (artist), Sarah Laichas (Editor of Dracopedia/Impact), and Zoe Robinson (art Director at Fantasy Flight Games.  Judges will take creativity, originality and craftsmanship into account.

Entries: All entries should be in "jpeg" format, no more than 1000 px on its longest side.  Send samples to woconnor@wocstudios.com for consideration.  professional and amateur artists will be considered.  All nationalities acceptable.  please include your name, nationality, medium and size of work, and put "Winter Dragon Challenge" in the subject field.  If you wish to have any links attached to your image please include that with your entry as well.

All entries will be posted at DracopediaProject for public viewing and judging. Artists retain all copyrights to the work, and agree to a one-time display of their image on this site unless other arrangements are made in writing. 

Due Date:  Upload files by 23:59 EST 2/24/13

Awards: First place winner will win a signed copy of both Dracopedia, and Dracopedia:The Great Dragons, by William O'Connor.  Second place will receive a signed copy of Dracopedia:The Great Dragons.

Good luck and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!



  1. Damn, I already painted winter dragon for the last contest. Looks like I'm gonna do it again :D

  2. Another chance to create a new image!!

  3. Sure I am in!
    It is possible to send 2 entries?

  4. Please only submit one image for the contest, but you can share as many images as you like at the Dracopedia Facebook page! The Facebook page is an open forum.

  5. Just saw another dragon challenge at TheArtOrder.com. I don't think there is a legal issue with using my dragon in both contests, is there? You have first dibs, but James Gurney is going to help judge the second one! *fingers crossed*

  6. I think I'm going to try this one! I entered the last contest under the Dust Dragon. Hopefully I'll be able to imagine winter in this African heat. XD I miss snow.


  7. Wish I'd found out about this earlier, would have joined, as I'd already been sketching ideas for an arctic dragon.

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