Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dragon of the Month: Jabberwocky

Jabberwocky (Leafwing Feydragon)
Dracimexus pennafoliumus
Wingspan: 8"
Recognition: Earthtone markings, mottled brown.
Habitat:N.W. Europe/Forests
Also known as: Jabberwock
Dracimexidae/Dracimexus/d. Pennafoliumus

The Leafwing Fey Dragon is a rare dragon species that is contained within the family Dracimexidae, or Feydragon. This species was first recorded by a Roman historian Cassius Pompious in the 3rd C. ad during the Gaulish wars with the Germanic tribes, "A mysterious bird insect haunts the labyrinthine maze of dark forests, and seems to taunt our minds with its churlish chittering."
This famous call of the Jabberwocky is what gives it its name. (wok-wok-wok-wok-wok). This call is believed by some to be a mating call, or a communication that predators are nearby.
Over the centuries the Jabberwock has become a favorite subject of children's rhymes, fairy tales, and stories. Capturing a Jabberwock and keeping it as a pet was believed to be good luck by folk cultures in Germany, France and England. In fact it was believed that the young king Phillip of France kept a Jabberwocky in a menagerie.
It is this history that of course lead to the most famous depiction of the Leafwing Feydragon, in Lewis Carrol's "The Jabborwocky" and illustrated by Tenniel. below: You can imagine how frightening a jabbering creature in the dark woods could be to a small child.
Today the Jabberwocky is an endangered species throughout Europe, and its protection is taken very seriously. Sightings of them in the wild are extremely rare, but feydragon spotters are reporting having seen them in the deep forests of the Arden, and other ancient woods.

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